Inclusion and Belonging at Work: The Miller Thomson Approach

At Miller Thomson, inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) are critical components of our vision, values, and strategic plan.

As a national law firm representing a diverse client base, we are committed to attracting, retaining, promoting and developing talented legal and administrative professionals to better enable us to serve our clients creatively, to reflect our clients’ workforces and values, as well as the communities in which Firm members live and work. Everyone within our Firm is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where people are comfortable sharing ideas, expanding their knowledge, and contributing to the Firm in a positive way.

Supported by the firm’s leadership, our IDEA initiatives are an integral component of our business strategy and are key to our success. Our people drive everything we do, and our initiatives aim to create a workplace of belonging.

An inclusive and diverse environment is what helps us to thrive in the national and global marketplaces.

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National IDEA Initiatives

Our National IDEA Committee has developed several initiatives that directly impact our Firm members for the better. Our current Inclusion Diversity Equity and Accessibility Strategic Plan builds on the people focus of our previous Plan. Our goal is to align our business, people, and IDEA strategies.

The Plan was developed keeping the Firm’s Code of Behaviour – cooperation, consideration, courtesy and consequences – and our Core Values – value to clients, commitment to each other, integrity in all that we do, respect and involvement in our communities – top of mind. Our IDEA Strategic Plan is integrated and contributes to the success of our people and our business.

When executing on our IDEA Strategic Plan, our IDEA goals can be summarized under three key themes – inclusive leadership and practices, communication and transparency, and promoting inclusivity and belonging.

Our inclusive leadership and practices goals focus on the Firm’s legal and administrative leaders and the Firm’s systems and practices. Inclusive leaders, policies and practices are the foundation for driving the strategy as well as recruiting and retaining talent.

Our communication and transparency goals focus on the Firm’s internal and external branding relating to IDEA. Awareness and dialogue drive action and a Firm First Culture.

Our promoting inclusivity and belonging goals focus on increasing our Firm members’ knowledge of IDEA best practices to align IDEA across all legal and business services teams while providing a forum for diversity of thought and engagement.

In 2014, Miller Thomson was one of five law firms to sponsor the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion’s Diversity by the Numbers: The Legal Profession Initiative – to better understand the demographic make-up of the legal profession in Canada. We remain a sponsor and active participant of this initiative today.

As a Firm, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace that respects and values differences and embraces diversity.

Awards and accolades

We believe that initiatives shouldn’t just sound good; they need to make a real difference. They also reflect our commitment towards an inclusive and supportive workplace and a fairer and more equitable society. We’re proud of our IDEA initiatives’ recognition, as they prove that we’re making a difference. Some examples include:

  • 2023 recipient of Canadian Chamber of Commerce Inclusive Growth Award:
    • The Inclusive Growth Awards pay tribute to outstanding efforts in advancing economic reconciliation and fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • 2021 finalist for the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards: North America
  • 2018 silver level certification by Women in Governance’s Parity Certification:
    • Women in Governance serves to help Canadian organizations achieve gender parity and increase the representation of women in roles where they have historically been underrepresented. The certification process evaluates parity at the decision-making level of an organization as well as its commitment to implement mechanisms that enable women at all levels of the organization’s hierarchy achieve career advancement and to create a pipeline of female talent.
  • 2017 recipient of Canadian HR Award for Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion:
    • The Canadian HR Awards celebrate excellence in the Human Resources profession, recognizing individuals, teams and companies for their outstanding achievements in people management.


Miller Thomson strives to be a workplace where everyone is welcome. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or why you joined us, we will strive to make you feel a part of our team and provide the support you need to thrive.

Learn more about our Accessibility Policy.

National Diversity Scholarship and Mentoring Program

The Miller Thomson National Diversity Scholarship and Mentoring Program is one example of Miller Thomson’s commitment to support equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives in the communities in which we live and work, and as part of our obligation to keep listening, learning and pressing for real progress on the road to achieving equality for all.


Forward together

Miller Thomson is proud to be an Employer Partner of The Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion.