Life at Miller Thomson

Why Miller Thomson? Your fellow students and colleagues share their views.


Patryk Sawicki

J.D. Candidate, 2022 – Queen’s University, Faculty of Law
2021 Summer Student, Toronto

Aside from being able to enjoy a sense of agency over my work, the non-rotational program at Miller Thomson gave me a special opportunity to develop my entrepreneurial and relationship-building skills. To support us, the firm created meaningful, ongoing networking events and educational seminars, allowing me to connect with people and projects I was genuinely interested in. After completing my summer term, I can say with confidence I am better prepared for articling and beyond.

I was equally impressed by the impact summer students at the firm can have on the trajectory of a case. Having spent most of my summer term with our various litigation groups, it was rewarding to see a unique line of case law that I researched be presented in the final submissions to the Court. At Miller Thomson, I felt that my work truly made a difference to my colleagues, and ultimately our clients.

Amanda Cutinha

J.D., 2021 – University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student,  2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

Working at Miller Thomson was everything I could have imagined for my 2L summer and more! The non-rotational summer program provided me with the opportunity to connect with lawyers in a variety of different practice groups in order to discover what piqued my interest. Within these groups, I was afforded a great deal of responsibility including working on a small claims file and writing a first draft of a memo for a client. Working closely with partners and associates who were so generous with their time enabled me to get valuable feedback on my work product and learn a great deal early in my legal career.

Though our summer was virtual due to the pandemic, it was clear that the Miller Thomson team genuinely cared about ensuring our summer experience was just as engaging and informative as years prior. Everyone at the firm came together to welcome us, ensure we felt included throughout the summer, and foster connections through training sessions, practice group open houses, and after-hours social events with the summer student cohort. The “open door” policy continued in the virtual world – I felt immediately comfortable with my assigned mentor and found many more informal mentors throughout my summer term that were available to help with questions I had about assignments and working in a firm environment more broadly. I’m excited to be a part of such a great firm and I look forward to welcoming the next summer class!

Arjun Gandhi

J.D., 2021 – University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

When I was hired as a summer student at Miller Thomson, I was excited about the opportunity to work with highly intelligent, hard-working and friendly lawyers at a full-service Bay Street firm. My summer experience at Miller Thomson far exceeded my expectations.

The non-rotational structure allowed me to work with lawyers from nearly every practice group on an assortment of tasks. I was impressed with and grateful for lawyers’ patience and encouragement of my learning. Lawyers brought challenging assignments to students, and took the time to ensure that we were aware of how our efforts were contributing to client matters.

Furthermore, I am thankful to the incredible student recruitment team, who ensured that we were all receiving assignments that piqued our interest, and to the social committee, who planned fun activities that allowed the students to get to know each other and other members of the firm.

Brandon Meyer

J.D., 2019 – University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law
2018 Summer Student, 2019/20 Articling Student, Toronto

My experience as a student at Miller Thomson was defined by exceptional mentorship and interesting work. The lawyers I worked with always took the time to explain how my work product would fit into the larger picture of the clients file and always made me feel as though the work I did had importance. I was treated as a valued part of the team from day one.

One of my favorite aspects of Miller Thomson’s student experience was that we weren’t bound to practice group rotations, which left us free to explore any areas of the law that we discovered an interest in – and, similarly, free to spend the bulk of our time focusing on one area of the law once we had discovered our passion.

Caitlin Lee

J.D., 2021 – University of Toronto, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

Being able to summer at Miller Thomson was an unparalleled opportunity. I chose Miller Thomson primarily for its collaborative culture, progressive nature,  and non-rotational student program which allowed me to explore many of the firm’s well-recognized practice groups. Students are encouraged to take on greater responsibility early on in their careers and given many opportunities to take on challenging and client-focused work. Regardless of the summer being remote, the firm allocated significant resources to make students feel welcome and supported. Miller Thomson’s extensive training and educational programs provided me with the skills and confidence to take the lead on meaningful legal work. Students are treated with respect, valued as important members of the team, and their assignments greatly contribute to meeting the clients’ needs. This environment provided the best setting to excel and establish a strong foundation to build my future practice.

One of the best parts about working at Miller Thomson is the exceptional mentorship. The mentors we are paired with are genuinely invested in our professional development as students. They helped us make strong connections with other lawyers and find engaging work that sparked our individual interests. Outside of the formal mentorship program, all of the lawyers I worked with invested their time to ensure my success and understanding. I could not have asked for a better first step in my legal career.

Honor Lay

J.D., 2019 – University of Western, Faculty of Law
2018 Summer Student, 2019/20 Articling Student, Toronto

It can be tricky to imagine a career in any given practice area in law until you try it out. One of the greatest opportunities at Miller Thomson is the freedom given to students to sample the variety of practice groups at the firm. As a summer student and articling student, I loved being able to delve into areas for which I felt an immediate affinity while also testing out other practices that I was curious about or thought might compliment my focus area. By the end of articles, I felt like I received an extremely well-rounded education and felt confident in my choice of practice area when I would return as an Associate.

Being able to work with a variety of practice groups also allows you to work with many different lawyers. You get exposure to different styles of practising law and gain no shortage of mentors along the way! I am still in touch with my mentors, who continue to go out of their way to check in and catch up.

Justin Ng

J.D., 2021 – University of Windsor, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

Summering at Miller Thomson was a tremendously rewarding experience. From the outset, the firm took painstaking effort to integrate its students into the firm and oversee our transition into the firm’s culture, which was critical in a remote work environment. My mentors were invested in my growth, and were never reluctant to carve out time in their busy schedules to impart sage advice or provide the support necessary to ensure that I was successful in producing high-quality work. I was also encouraged to seek out work in different areas of practice, to gain broad exposure to the firm’s diverse expertise and to begin to find my own niche in the firm.

I was initially drawn to Miller Thomson because of its people, and my summer experience has reinforced these initial impressions. All of my interactions with the firm’s lawyers, support staff and students were outstanding, and helped cultivate a strong sense of camaraderie in the firm. I feel privileged to be part of the team, and I look forward to returning to complete my articles.

Kyle Bertsch

J.D.  2021 – Western University, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, London

During unprecedented times, Miller Thomson went above and beyond in ensuring the summer student experience was memorable. Despite working virtually, everyone at Miller Thomson made an incredible effort to integrate students in daily/weekly learning and social activities. The training I received provided me with the tools necessary to effectively contribute to the interesting and complex work available at the firm. Specifically, the work I was involved in varied from completing complex research questions, drafting shareholder agreements, attending a discovery, constructing a presentation for foreign business owners interested in establishing in Canada, and much more. No matter what the task was, I always felt reassured that the Miller Thomson team was ready to guide and support me along the way so that I could make the most of the experience.

Overall, I was able to gain a diverse experience in the type of work available at Miller Thomson. I feel grateful to be a part of such an amazing team and I look forward to continuing my journey here. There is no question that the skills I gained this summer have set me on a path to having a successful legal career.

Mark Sandor

J.D., 2021 – Queen’s Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

Summering at Miller Thomson has been a fantastic experience. From the program’s outset to the end of my summer term, the flexible non-rotational structure allowed me to gain hands-on experience and to identify my areas of interest. Partners and associates were always willing to provide constructive feedback, involve me in client meetings, or explain how my work fit within the larger file. At Miller Thomson, being entrepreneurial and soliciting work from a variety of practice areas is not only possible – it is encouraged.

The highlight of my summer was undoubtedly the calibre of mentorship I received. Each of my formal and informal mentors fostered a collegial environment where I always felt engaged and part of the team. The firm’s “open door” policy gave me the confidence to tackle challenging assignments with significant client responsibilities. It is the combination of meaningful work and investment in student mentorship which creates Miller Thomson’s unmatched platform for personal and professional growth.

Sabrina Lau

J.D., 2021 – University of Windsor, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Vaughan

I was drawn to Miller Thomson for its commitment to delivering superior client service, its team of outstanding lawyers and legal professionals, and its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. After summering at the firm, I can confidently say that Miller Thomson exceeded all my expectations. As a summer student, I was introduced to many practice areas and had the opportunity to do meaningful work with and learn from many lawyers and legal professionals. The partners and associates at the firm enthusiastically involved students on complex files, provided feedback, and were very much invested in our growth as lawyers. In addition, ongoing formal and informal mentorship provided continuous support and was reflective of the firm’s welcoming and inclusive environment.

What makes Miller Thomson special is the people. Everyone works very hard, takes their work seriously, and enjoys what they do. The collaborative culture is in the fabric of the firm and everyone takes the time to help each other succeed. I am looking forward to returning to the firm for articles and building a long career at Miller Thomson.

Thadsha Chandrakumaran

J.D., 2021 – Osgoode Hall Law School
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

At first, I was nervous as to how a remote summer at Miller Thomson would pan out. However, from day one, I knew I was working with an amazing team. I had a mentor that welcomed me to the firm and introduced me to partners from across the country that practiced in various areas of law that were of interest to me. We also had a wonderful team of associates that hosted weekly online socials, including cooking classes and board games, through which I really got to know the student team better despite never having been in the same room together this summer.

As a summer student, my primary goal was to get involved in as many different areas of law as I could in order to figure out where my legal interests lied. With Miller Thomson’s non-rotational summer program, I was easily able to accomplish this goal, as I worked on files in litigation, municipal law, intellectual property law and even had the opportunity to help with a major sports file. I am looking forward to articling at a firm that has so many exciting opportunities and such a supportive team.

Vincent Alaimo

J.D., 2021 – University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law
2020 Summer Student, 2021/22 Articling Student, Toronto

My summer experience at Miller Thomson exceeded all my expectations. I was impressed with how organized the training program was and how summer students remained fully integrated with the team in an all-remote environment. Social events were innovative, fun and truly connected everyone by uniting the offices across Canada. Even in a virtual environment, the Miller Thomson team still went out of their way to check-in with you and ensured you had every opportunity to grow and succeed.

Miller Thomson’s Student Program provided us with the option to customize our summer experience. I explored various practice areas, which allowed me to build strong relationships and affirm my area of interest. I had the opportunity to work on complex and stimulating files alongside industry-leading lawyers who invaluably contributed to my learning. Both my formal and informal mentors were genuinely committed to my professional development as they continuously provided detailed feedback and practice tips. Without a doubt, Miller Thomson cultivates a culture of excellence. I am proud to be a part of the Miller Thomson family, and I look forward to continuing to grow towards many future milestones alongside my friends and colleagues.