Inclusion and diversity

At Miller Thomson, inclusion and diversity are critical components of our vision, values and strategic plan.

Supported by the firm’s leadership, our inclusion and diversity initiatives are an integral component of our business strategy and key to our success.  As a national law firm representing a diverse client base, we are committed to attracting, retaining, promoting and developing talented professionals and staff to better enable us to serve our clients creatively, to reflect our clients’ workforces and values, as well as the communities in which firm members live and work.

An inclusive and diverse environment is what helps us to thrive in the national and global marketplaces.

Listen, learn and press for real progress

“The existence of systemic racism in our society and institutions cannot be denied …. It is our responsibility in the legal profession to uphold the fundamental principles that ensure that the rule of law is applied fairly and without prejudice…”

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Forward Together

Miller Thomson is proud to be an Employer Partner of The Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion.