Susan Metzler’s practice encompasses both commercial and personal litigation. She has represented clients at all levels of court throughout Ontario and in other provinces.

Susan’s personal litigation practice includes family and estate matters, divorce and separation, a variety of issues related to educational institutions, and defence for institutions against whom claims are made regarding members or employees who allegedly abuse others physically, sexually, or emotionally.

Her commercial litigation practice includes work for corporations in the oil and gas, real estate, financial, manufacturing, and service-oriented sectors, as well as health care. Susan handles matters involving breaches of contract, disputes with respect to leases, issues revolving around fiduciary duties and responsibilities, and negligence. She has pursued and defended many actions involving injunctive relief.

Susan’s work extends to employment matters (such as wrongful dismissal and sexual harassment in the workplace) for employers and employees. She has significant experience with Human Rights Tribunals.

Susan acts for insurers and for non-profit and religious organizations. She has a working knowledge of the OBCA and CBCA, including matters related to shareholder disputes and the pursuit and defence of oppression remedies.

Susan earns the trust and confidence of her clients, and is dedicated to resolving their issues and achieving their goals in a timely, cost-effective manner.