Karen Durell has practised intellectual property (IP) law for many years as an IP lawyer, Canadian patent agent, and U.S. and Canadian trademark agent. She assists organizations ranging from emerging businesses through to established corporations with respect to their IP rights and related transactions. Karen tailors legal strategies for public and private innovators, drawing on her background in technology and law.

Karen provides advice and counsel in a number of areas:

IP procurement: As a registered patent agent, Karen is involved in drafting and prosecuting original patents with particular focus in the areas of software, information technology, and mechanical innovation. As a registered trademark agent, Karen assists with drafting and prosecuting trademark applications, brand development and protection, and protection of trademarks. She also works in the areas of industrial design and copyright, and on the unique issues relating to IP procurement.

Technology transactions: Karen assists companies with a wide range of technology-related transactions and agreements, along with general corporate matters. She has been involved in corporate transactions ranging from public offerings to corporate maintenance, as well as IP transactions.

IP audits & due diligence: Karen undertakes IP portfolio work, including IP audits and IP due diligence, to support various types of corporate transactions and other client initiatives. She is involved in both reviewing existing IP portfolios and providing advice and strategies relating to an organization’s future use and development of its IP portfolio.

Technology transfer deals & licenses: Karen helps organizations to negotiate deals and draft agreements to transfer, license, and develop IP rights and portfolios. She undertakes this type of work for a variety of organizations, and she is active in initiatives to maximize the impact of university-based and emerging-business research and innovation.

Karen speaks on various IP issues. She has delivered presentations and seminars on IP, ethics, and intellectual-asset management to a variety of audiences including academics, students, policy makers, government bodies, scientists, and public forums. Karen is widely published on IP, IP transactions, intellectual-asset management and patent law. She has also taught and tutored courses in IP and ethics at the Faculties of Law and Medicine at McGill University and the Faculté de droit, Université de Sherbrooke.

Karen was awarded a doctoral degree (D.C.L.) by the Faculty of Law, McGill University. Her thesis examined the intersection of contract legal principles and IP assets in IP transactions.

Prior to entering law school Karen had several years of experience as an information technology developer. In particular, she worked as a database designer and software developer in industries ranging for home décor to insurance.

Karen is engaged with her community through involvement with national IP societies, in board positions with an IP institute, in hospital research ethics reviews, and as a participant in pro bono legal clinics, as well as other local groups.