Message from the Chair

In 2017 we celebrate what we have all built together over the last 150 years in this great country of ours. Certainly, it is an imperfect one. Our partnerships are not yet perfectly balanced. We must still own up to historical missteps. But we are not a country that is self satisfied or complacent.   We are not a nation driven by an illusion of our superiority. We are not a people convinced of the infallibility of the nation we have collectively conceived. Rather, we are defined by our insatiable quest to do and be better.

We celebrate our progress in evolving into a great and just society.  As a law firm with more offices in more Canadian cities than any other, we perhaps understand better than most what an improbable country this is – an expansive geography with splashes of seemingly unconnected urbanity. But we also understand better the power of our union and what great things we can do together.   However unlikely this country may be, it has become a prosperous one of a generous spirit, a shared vision, and inspiring promise.

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