Focus on Canada

April 8, 2020 | Kyla E. M. Mahar, Alfred Apps, David Ward, Larry Ellis, Gregory R. Azeff | Toronto

Digitorney Crisis Navigator, "The Corona Crisis: Risks & Solutions For Companies"

The Corona Crisis leads worldwide to critical situations for companies. In light of this, Digitorney has asked lawyers from various countries specialized in restructuring law for recommendations on what needs to be done and which solutions are at hand to weather the Corona Crisis.

Kyla Mahar, Alfred Apps, David Ward, Larry Ellis and Greg Azeff author the “Focus on Canada” in Digitorney’s Crisis Navigator:

  1. When does a company need to file for insolvency in Canada?
  2. What liability risks exist for the management in Canada in a corporate crisis?
  3. Is there any state aid available for companies in Canada due to the Corona crisis?
  4. What immediate measures should a company in Canada take if it is affected by the Corona crisis?