Eric Sherkin comments on the interplay of virtual versus in-person trials on court operations

April 1, 2022 | Eric Sherkin | Toronto

Law Times "Lawyers increasingly concerned about interplay between virtual and in-person court operations"

Eric Sherkin speaks about the interplay of virtual versus in-person trials in court operations. In the article, Eric discusses the possible questions that lawyers may have as the system sees technical changes and how these changes have standardized the use of CaseLines.

“If we’re going to argue a motion in person, does that mean that the judge has a laptop, and we bring a laptop, and I’m sitting at the table navigating through the case line page numbers? Surely, we’re not going back to filing paper documents again.”

“Presuming that we will keep using CaseLines for the in-person argument of motions and trial, how does that work?” he asks.

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