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September 12, 2019

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Best Practices for Membership Associations

Andrew Valentine

There are many types of member-based organizations. These include trade and industry associations, community associations, lobbying groups, as well as non-profit social and athletic clubs. While they have many differences, common to each of these entities is a broad membership...


Checklist of Items to Consider when Disbursing From Endowment Funds

Nicole K. D’Aoust

Charities enter regularly into gift agreements with donors who wish to establish or make contributions to endowment funds.  These are very exciting times for the charity and the donor as endowment funds enable the donor to maximize their gift and...


What’s Happening

Mary Childs, David Tang, Andrew Valentine

Mary Childs is delivering a presentation for charities and not-for-profits who are members of Vancity Credit Union on the topic:  “Speaking Out:  Political activities and lobbying rules for charities and not-for-profits” in Vancouver BC on September 12, 2019. David Tang and Andrew Valentine are attending the...


Displaying 1-3 of 3