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April 24, 2018

Miller Thomson’s Saskatchewan Team Hosts Regina and Saskatoon Construction Law Seminars for Construction Week

On Thursday and Friday, April 12 and 13, 2018, the Miller Thomson Saskatchewan Construction law team, presented back to back half-day seminars in Regina and Saskatoon.  Speakers discussed various industry related topics including risk management, contract claims, alternative dispute resolution, the latest developments on labour and material bonds, aboriginal engagement and the potential impact of the legalization of cannabis on the workplace.  Attendees at the seminars represented several business groups from contractors to developers to bankers to mining companies.

We summarize our key takeaways from the presentations below:

  • Claims Avoidance: Consider developing a structured claims avoidance program to proactively address issues early through a monthly contractor’s report and review.
  • Delay Claims: A complete and proper critical path baseline schedule is essential to assessing any project delay claim.
  • Construction Arbitration: A complete arbitration clause which delineates the procedural aspects of an arbitration, including the number of arbitrators, the expertise of arbitrators, and the processes for questioning and arbitration hearings, helps in attaining the objectives of fast and economical resolution of arbitrated disputes.
  • Labour and Material Bonds: Is notice a requirement? The answer might shock you! (The answer is YES, Always Give Notice). Also, never be afraid to ask if you want to know if one exists.
  • Aboriginal Engagement: Education and awareness are important pillars of a successful engagement strategy; engage early, and engage often with communities in order to build mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Business Transition and Succession Planning: Understand your goals, and start planning for your business growth or future exit.
  • Cannabis in the Workplace: With legalization of cannabis for recreational use quickly approaching, now is the time to ensure your workplace policies are up to date and that you are prepared to address both safety and accommodation issues that may arise.

The conferences were live streamed on the SCSA Facebook page.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Construction Law team members:

Edmonton: Bill Kenny, Q.C., and Scott Hammel, Q.C.

Saskatoon: Chad Eggerman, Derek Hoffman, Troy Baril and Jon Danyliw

Regina: Ahmed Malik, Khurrum Awan, Amy Groothuis, and Jonathan Martin


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