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Where Are We Now? Accessing the Current Ontario Family Justice System

Western Law, Masters of Laws Research Papers Repository

Access to family law justice has been identified as a crisis in the Canadian legal system for decades. Over the years, prominent family law scholars have published numerous reports and articles outlining recommendations to make the justice system more accessible,...


Living together, separately: Making a case for spousal support, without ever sharing an address

Common law relationships are increasingly becoming the norm as more people are consciously choosing not to marry.  In Ontario, there remains to be a different set of legal rights, obligations and entitlements to those in a common law relationship versus...


Make sure you are compliant with your support obligation when appealing

The Court of Appeal in Abu-Saud v. Abu-Saud, 2020 ONCA 824 (CanLII) recently affirmed its jurisdiction to quash or dismiss an appeal due to non-compliance of a spousal support order. In this case, the Respondent Wife was successful in her...


There is ‘No Turning Back’ says the Canadian Bar Association

The Canadian Bar Association recently released its COVID-19 Task Force Report on justice issues which have risen due to COVID-19. This report assesses the immediate and evolving issues for the delivery of legal services resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, outlining...