Belinda Rossi has been practising exclusively in the area of family law for over 10 years. Her family law practice includes assisting clients with complex income, property, tax, and corporate/business issues that arise within the context of family law support claims, property division and preservation, trust claims, and disclosure requests. Belinda is skilled in high conflict cases and works quickly to devise the best strategy to meet each client’s needs. If parenting issues are involved, Belinda takes a proactive approach to resolving those matters in a child-focused and effective manner. Belinda is results-driven.

Belinda has extensive courtroom experience. In addition to regularly attending before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Belinda has appellate court experience. Her trial experience includes all facets of family law, including custody, access, support, income determination, and property division. Belinda has a track record of success for her clients. Multiple legal sources have reported cases in which Belinda has been legal counsel. In addition to Belinda’s courtroom experience, Belinda has significant experience representing clients in mediation and in a collaborative family law setting. Belinda appreciates that a ‘roll up the sleeves’ approach to resolution should generally be the first option. From the outset, Belinda will work with each client to customize a resolutions-based strategy; she will do so in a manner that is sensitive to each client’s individual and unique circumstances.

Belinda also has a background in business and corporate law as well as fraud recovery, which has been an asset to her family law practice. Her practice focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Litigation
  • Parenting issues
  • Child and spousal support
  • Income analysis
  • Property division and valuation issues
  • Trust claims
  • Domestic contracts (cohabitation, marriage and separation)
  • Settlement agreements
  • Mobility
  • Collaborative Family Law (certified)
  • Divorce
  • Independent legal advice
  • Non-party disclosure