Ceyda Tocsoy

Director, eDiscovery Services | Waterloo Region


Portrait of Ceyda Tocsoy


As the Director of eDiscovery Services at Miller Thomson, Ceyda orchestrates a dynamic team dedicated to driving excellence in litigation support and eDiscovery. With over three decades in the legal domain, Ceyda has amassed a wealth of experience that has made her a trusted figure in the industry. Her background includes roles at prominent law firms and service bureaus, reflecting her deep understanding of the sector.

Blending a hands-on approach with thoughtful strategy, Ceyda offers her extensive background in designing, building, and implementing litigation support and eDiscovery services. Her commitment to identifying and applying tailored solutions has made her a trusted resource for clients. Her industry certifications further underscore her dedication to and depth in the field.

Beyond her immediate role, Ceyda is recognized as a thought leader in the eDiscovery community. Her presence is often sought after at industry conferences, seminars, and academic venues across North America, where she imparts invaluable insights based on her vast experience. Through her articles and blog posts, she not only highlights key eDiscovery trends but also fosters a deeper understanding, showcasing her dedication to both personal and industry-wide growth.

Thought leadership

  • 2022 – March, BC Legal Management Association, Presentation, eDiscovery Software Solutions
  • 2021 – August , ILTA , Presentation , Litigation Support Roundtable
  • 2021 – April  , Canadian Bar Association  , Presentation , Your Greatest Asset May Also Be Your Biggest Risk: Practical Steps for Data Protection
  • 2021 – April, Association for Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS), Editorial Contribution, One of the editors for the Canadian version of the CEDS Manual
  • 2021 – February, Association for Certified eDiscovery Specialists (ACEDS), Presentation , Bending the Continuum of the EDRM Timeline
  • 2020 - August , ILTA Blog , Publication, Guest Blog – Co-Author: Time After Time – Digital Jet Lag?https://www.iltanet.org/blogs/ceyda-tocsoy1/2020/08/19/time-after-time-digital-jet-lag?ssopc=1
  • 2017 – On Demand, Ricoh Canada Inc. , Presentation, The Connected World – Incorporating Defensible Data Collection Strategies into your Legal Practice (60 Minutes of Approved CPD Professionalism Accreditation)
  • 2016 – November, Technology in Practice – CL Conference, Presentation, Technology Implementation Strategies for Legal Teams
  • 2015 – November, Technology in Practice – CL Conference, Presentation, Taking a Proactive Approach to Professional Skills & Organizational Development
  • 2014 – November, Technology in Practice – CL Conference, Presentation, Sliding Doors: Aligning Vendor Capabilities to Short and Long-Term Needs
  • 2012 – June, Technology & eDiscovery Canada (TeDCAN), Presentation, Cloud Computing & Social Media – eDiscovery Challenges
  • 2012 – March, Federated Press, Conference Chair, Chair of the 6th Annual eDiscovery Conference, Cloud Computing & Social Media – eDiscovery Challenges
  • 2005 - 2017, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Board Member, Paralegal Studies Program – Lecturer on Litigation Technology Trends
  • 2010 – August, ILTA, Presentation, Transform to Perform – Making the New Practice Management Hat Fit
  • 2009 - December, ILTA, Presentation, White Paper:  Litigation Support Industry Survey & Results Analysis
  • 2009 - November, inSight, Presentation, Acquiring and Utilizing the Latest Software: eDiscovery
  • 2009 - October, Women in eDiscovery (WiE), Presentation, Recovering Litigation Support Costs Relating to eDiscovery
  • 2009 - August, ILTA, Presentation, Interactive Trial & War Room Design
  • 2009 - August, ILTA, Presentation, Can you Recover your IT & Litigation Support Expenses?
  • 2008 - August, ILTA Presentation Unlimited Litigation Support on Limited Budget, (Encore Presentation as a Webinar)
  • 2008 - August, ILTA, Presentation, Trial Presentation & War Room Set-up
  • 2008 - March, The Canadian Institute, Presentation, Making the Best Use of Your Key Litigation Support:  The Emerging Roles of Litigation Technology Managers and Law Clerks in eDocument Production & Discovery
  • 2007 - August, ILTA, Presentation, Predictability in eDiscovery

Professional memberships

  • Association of Certified eDiscovery Professionals (ACEDS)
  • International Legal Technology Association (ILTA)
  • Women in eDiscovery (WiE)


    • Certified Ediscovery Specialist (CEDS), Association of Certified EDiscovery Specialists
    • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Public Administration, University of Ottawa
    • Diploma in Business Administration, Human Resources, Fanshawe College
    • Law Clerk certification, Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario