Investing in Canada


Canada consistently ranks among the top countries in the world for foreign investors to conduct business. With investment-friendly government policies, participation in key free trade agreements (including NAFTA and CETA), a skilled workforce and strong market positions in both traditional and emerging industries, Canada is viewed as an attractive option for foreign investors who are looking to expand or launch new business ventures in Canada, or want to invest in existing Canadian companies. Doing so successfully and seamlessly, however, requires a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that impact trade with and investment in Canada and the operation of a business in Canada. As a large proportion of Miller Thomson’s practice involves advising foreign investors in Canada and representing businesses owned by non-Canadians, our extensive local presence is advantageous in helping clients navigate the country’s unique legal and regulatory landscape.

In light of our geographic reach, we are able to consistently deliver the highest quality advisory and advocacy skills and expertise required in the greatest number of provincial and territorial jurisdictions, in both common and civil law. Our cross-Canada coverage also allows clients to benefit from unique perspectives on local markets and demographics, allowing our lawyers to provide focused strategic and commercial advice based on in-depth legal expertise, knowledge of the particular industry and the distinctive commercial drivers that affect it.

Our expertise includes providing “turnkey” advice for establishing a Canadian operation, as well as valuable counsel on navigating the unique aspects and differences in Canadian laws and industry practices affecting business. Our experience includes advising businesses on:

  • Strategic transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and divestments
  • Compliance with foreign investment rules (Investment Canada Act), and competition and anti-trust issues under the Competition Act
  • Tax advice and planning, including cross-border tax considerations, and trade, customs and commodity taxes
  • Structuring, negotiating, drafting, reviewing and finalizing a variety of contracts and contractual relationships
  • Asset-based finance
  • Consumer finance
  • Assisting in importing, exporting and in all aspects of day-to-day operations
  • Real estate, including leasing, portfolio acquisitions, construction and development
  • Environmental compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment matters, including legislation governing employment standards, human rights, pay equity, employment equity, occupational health and safety, pensions, workers’ compensation and labour relations
  • Logistics, distribution, packaging, manufacturing and other commercial relationships;
  • E-commerce/e-retailing and IT procurement solutions
  • Intellectual property protection and infringement risk management
  • Advertising and consumer protection laws, including data privacy, product liability risk management, and safety issues
  • Franchising, including the preparation of franchise disclosure documents and advising franchisors on compliance matters.

Understanding that many foreign investors have existing relationships with law firms in other countries, Miller Thomson has a wealth of experience in working closely with law firms in global jurisdictions to ensure seamless and cost-effective client service.

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