David W. Chodikoff, Certified Specialist (Taxation), LSO, B.A. (Spec. Hons.), M.A., LL.B., specializes in civil and criminal tax litigation. David was a former counsel and a Crown Prosecutor at the Department of Justice Canada.  David has over 100 reported decisions and has appeared in over 565 cases before the courts. David has been recognized by Canadian, American and European authorities as one of the leading tax controversy leaders in the world. He has edited and contributed to nine tax books. David is the recipient of numerous national and international awards including the 2018 Ontario Bar Association’s Award of Excellence in Taxation Law.

Presently, David is working on a number of book projects, including Cryptocurrency and Tax Considerations and ESG and Canadian Tax Policy.

In 2019, David was relied upon for an expert opinion in tax litigation, under cross-examination, for a successful stay of proceedings in the Superior Court of Ontario pending the hearing of a tax appeal before the Tax Court of Canada [Kaye et al. v. Fogler Rubinoff et al. 2019 ONSC 1289 (CanLii)].