Vancouver Summer Student Program


For the summer program, Miller Thomson’s Vancouver office hires three or four students in their second year of law school.

Our objective is to hire students who have the qualities that enable them to become associates and, eventually, partners. We look for candidates who have achieved academic distinction, are committed to professional excellence and are willing to take an active role in business development, community activities and firm promotion.

Student Experience

The summer position allows students to experience the working environment at our firm before starting their articling year. Students will have the opportunity to work within the areas of  Business Law, Labour & Regulatory, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Tax.  Students  handle a variety of assignments, ranging from assisting with trials to helping with various corporate transactions. Summer students are always welcome to join our lawyers and observe proceedings. Summer students are also encouraged to be entrepreneurial, and seek work and experiences of interest to them. In this way, our programme provides students with a greater insight into Miller Thomson, the overall practice of law and areas of law that may be of interest to them.

In the litigation department, our summer students are involved in conducting research, drafting pleadings, attending with lawyers at examinations for discovery and client meetings, among other activities.

In the solicitors’ department, summer students prepare documents for buying, selling and financing business ventures; prepare wills; draft agreements and letters of intent for commercial contracts; help conduct due diligence for securities underwritings and other commercial transactions; and attend transaction closings.


Students are paired with a partner who serves as their principal and an associate who serves as their mentor.  They each help the student integrate into the firm environment and provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the summer term. The Professional Resources team and other firm members are also available to support students.


To ensure our summer students are progressing, we conduct an informal evaluation over the summer (usually in June). We also encourage students to take ownership of their work and seek feedback from lawyers they are working with on a continuing basis.

Professional Development

In addition to various work assignments students are engaged in, our office offers training in substantive law as well as other areas. Our students are invited and encouraged to attend all student, as well as firm-wide in-house continuing legal education seminars. Highlights of our student continuing legal education programming include seminars on Small Claims Court matters, drafting pleadings, research, legal memorandum writing, Chambers applications, Bills of Costs, witness preparation, corporate records overview, securities law introduction and corporate records review, conveyancing, estate planning, and ethical issues and undertakings.

Students and Junior Associates Available for You to Contact

Our current students are available to answer your questions. You can find their profile and contact information on the Our Students page. The following junior associates are available to answer any questions you may have about our summer student and articling programs.

Baljinder Bains
Thompson Rivers University

Michelle Boatter
University of Victoria

Jason Fitzpatrick
University of Victoria

Thomas Ghag
Allard School of Law, UBC

Christie McLeod
Osgoode, York University

Julia Thielmann
Allard School of Law, UBC

Matthew Wray
Thompson Rivers University

Caitlin VanDuzer
University of Ottawa