When helping clients by providing corporate, commercial and regulatory advice, Jaclyne believes that attention to detail, creative thinking, and open communication skills are key to delivering exceptional results and service. She encourages clients to approach her with any concern, to talk through the details and to make informed decisions.

Jaclyne works with a wide range of clients across the supply chain and transportation industries, including road and ocean carriers, passenger vessel operators, load brokers, logistics providers, warehouse operators and other freight intermediaries. She also provides advice to manufacturers, importers, exporters, shippers, distributors and growers.

She has provided advice with respect to various regulatory compliance issues, including federal and/or provincial laws regarding food safety, cannabis, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, privacy, import/export, customs, autonomous vehicles, marine law and the transportation of dangerous goods. She also provides compliance advice in the marketing and advertising space, including reviews of contests, promotions, ads, commercials and other marketing materials.