Technology, IP and Privacy


In our fast-moving knowledge economy, the only constant is change.  

And if recent developments in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, fintech and e-commerce are anything to go by, the relentless pace of advancement will not be slowing down any time soon. 

Whatever your company’s size or stage of development, our practical, business-focused advice will help you capitalize on fresh opportunities and address emerging issues, so that you can unleash the full power of your technology and deliver on your corporate goals.  

The industry-leading professionals in our TIPP group advise cutting-edge companies on a range of matters concerning the development of digital commerce and online business strategies, enforcement and commercialization of intellectual property rights, as well as mitigating the inherent risks associated with privacy, security and the increasingly complex regulatory regimes growing around them.

Our offering

  • Integrated service: In the inter-connected world of technology – where your intangible assets hold the key to your future success – it’s virtually impossible to tackle your data security, IP and business strategy issues in isolation from one another. So we don’t try to. Our TIPP group breaks down the barriers between several areas of legal specialism, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness by allowing client work to flow seamlessly between the members of our collaborative and multi-disciplinary team as your legal needs evolve.
  • Expertise+: The members of Miller Thomson’s TIPP group are more than just lawyers. Many are also patent or trademark agents, while others hold extra professional certifications in the privacy and cybersecurity sectors. In addition, a number of our group members came to the law after earning advanced degrees in the fields of science, mathematics and engineering, giving them the technical capabilities to support clients in a wide range of industries.
  • Business partners: If you’re looking for sterile, imperious advice delivered from on-high in one-off matters, you’ve come to the wrong law firm. The dialogue goes both ways between our strategically minded professionals and clients, who see them as truly trusted legal and business advisors. As a result, we don’t measure our client relationships in hours of billings, but in years of corporate maturation and bottom-line growth.
  • Future-thinking lawyers, value-added advice: As the legal market moves further in the direction of commoditization, the demonstrated technical excellence of our lawyers becomes less of a selling point to clients. These days, our dynamic and creative TIPP professionals set themselves apart by looking beyond the current problem in front of them, calling on their deep understanding of both the market and your business model to anticipate your next steps – whether that’s commercialization options for a newly registered patented product, a liability assessment for the incorporation of AI into an operating system or the potential implications of proposed European regulations on your data sharing practices.
  • Domestic and global reach: Innovative ideas know no boundaries, and nor does our TIPP team. With a network of 10 offices stretched across five provinces – including Quebec – we have the resources to support Canadian and foreign owned businesses as they seek to navigate this country’s unique legal and regulatory landscape. Our group also has access to an international network of legal and IP firms who can provide local knowledge and expertise when your technology, IP and privacy needs extend beyond Canada’s borders.

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