In the digital age, technology pervades every aspect of our professional lives, as well as our personal lives. 

Whether you’re developing your own technology to give yourself a competitive advantage in cutting-edge industries like software and e-commerce – or to reinvent more traditional sectors like agriculture, health care and automotive – or you’re using someone else’s technological platform to keep your own company running as efficiently and effectively as possible our creative, actionable advice will help you advance your business goals.  

We assist companies and individuals to navigate the ceaseless stream of new possibilities and emerging risks that are a defining feature of the rapidly evolving world of technologies – from IT solutions to batteries to medical devices. Our team brings legal expertise, but also includes members that offer the benefits of their industry experience, graduate degrees, and sector certifications to your legal issues. 

The strategic, business-minded professionals in our group are trusted advisors to technology companies – and their commercial partners in the public and private sectors – providing a full range of legal services relating to the development, use, purchase, sharing and commercializing of technology products and services.  

Our offering

  • Technology Development & Commercialization: Every day our technology group helps our clients create and implement strategies and contracts required to develop (whether individually or collaboratively) and bring to market their technologies, as well as to select and procure third party technologies critical to their business goals. Members of the group negotiate and draft contracts for technology use on behalf of both purchasers and providers of technologies, including joint development agreements, licenses, service agreements and other contracts for software, IT systems, data use, electric vehicle charging highways, and other technology development and implementation. Our team has experience with a wide range of types of technologies and companies and can bring the benefits of that experience to assist with standard transactions as well as developing unique and tailored approaches to new or complex business relationships.  
  • Emerging technology expertise: Developments in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, smart contracts and cyber security are poised to change the way business works in virtually every sector of our economy, including finance, health, automotive, energy, insurance and more. Our lawyers are at the cutting edge, already advising clients on the development and implementation these and other forms of technology, so when the next wave of digital disruption hits your own shores, they will be ready to assist. 
  • Firm-wide integration: The varying legal needs of our clients is reflected in the collaborative, multi-disciplinary nature of our technology group. Located across the country, our lawyers have deep expertise across an array of practice areas and work closely with their colleagues in the Intellectual Property and Privacy, Data Governance and Cybersecurity groups to ensure that your key intangible assets are fully protected.   
  • Tech transaction experience: Our technology team provides M&A support to clients, calling on our specialized knowledge of the complex and varied legal issues that are specific to the industry to guide clients through the transaction. The team further provides specialized expert input into transactions in the finance, health, environmental, entertainment and other sectors.  
  • Nationwide and global reach: With a network of 10 offices stretched across five provinces – including Quebec – we have the resources to support Canadian and foreign owned businesses as they seek to navigate this country’s unique legal and regulatory landscape. Our group also has access to an international network of legal and IP firms who can provide local knowledge and expertise when your technology needs extend beyond Canada’s borders. 

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