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Capital Gains Taxation in Canada: History and Potential Reforms

Canadian Tax Foundation, Perspectives on Tax Law and Policy

January 1, 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the capital gains tax in Canada. In this article, we outline the history of capital gains taxation in Canada, describe some of the key features of the current system, and comment on potential...


Update on Bill C-208; New taxation rules impacting transfers of family businesses to the next generation

In our previous article on this topic, we discussed Bill C-208 (the “Legislation”), a Private Member’s bill that amends the Income Tax Act[1] (the “Act”) to change certain rules in sections 55 and 84.1 of the Act to facilitate intergenerational...


New taxation rules impacting transfers of family businesses to the next generation; Everything you thought you knew about intergenerational transfers is now wrong

Owners of family small business corporations, family farming and fishing corporations, especially those contemplating intergenerational transfers of those businesses, should take note of a significant change to Canada’s tax laws designed to “level the playing-field” between related-party and arm’s-length transfers....


The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy: A welcome assistance for employers – a pitfall for the unprepared

Introduction Canadians have been blindsided by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. The impact has been swift, painful, and enduring. In March 2020 alone, Canada lost a record one million jobs. In the face of this crisis, Parliament passed legislation...


Have losses? Plan so that you can use them!

One of the consequences of COVID-19 is volatility in the stock market.  Some investors facing losses in their portfolios are considering strategies to crystallize them and use the losses to offset capital gains.  One-half of capital losses (referred to as...


COVID-19: A relief resource for commercial tenants and landlords across Canada

Miller Thomson LLP recognises this is an unprecedented time and we continue to be committed to the well-being and sustainability of our clients. The government and various other institutions have implemented a number of measures aimed at providing economic relief...