How To Apply

Montréal – Summer Program

How to Apply:

The Montréal office is proud to offer summer employment to its articling students. This work opportunity allows students to become familiar with the office and gain valuable work experience before officially beginning their articling. Only articling students are offered the possibility of working as students during the summer preceding the beginning of their articling period.

Applications limited to summer work as a student are generally not considered. All other applications are evaluated in accordance with the selection process for articling students.

Montréal – Articling Program

How to Apply:

The Montréal office adheres to the agreement among large Montréal law firms dealing with recruitment of articling students. Therefore, we follow, with certain adaptations, the rules set out in the agreement. Whether or not a candidate is governed by the agreement, we treat all applications the same. In principle, we do not recruit articling students outside the period of recruitment stipulated in the agreement.

The interview period is as set out in the agreement (typically, beginning the second Monday in March for articling positions that are two years away). For example, in 2020 we interviewed for articling positions in 2022.

For actual dates and for a review of the agreement, please access the following sites:

You can submit your application through the viRecruit portal. All applications received by the deadline date are read in full and considered.

All applications must contain your curriculum vitae, letter of presentation and transcripts of law studies. Letters of reference are not essential, but recommended. For more information please contact:

MLouis-Philippe Borduas
Miller Thomson LLP
1000 De La Gauchetière Street West
Suite 3700
Montréal (Quebec)  H3B 4W5
Direct Line: 514.871.5485

The selection process for articling positions at the Montréal office is as follows:

All applications from students of each law school are grouped together by law faculty and evaluated as such. No cross-university evaluations are done.

The Montréal office does not make a pre-selection based strictly on law school marks, nor on a given benchmark general grade-point average, but instead, focuses on the candidate’s entire application package. Approximately 130 candidates are selected for a first interview. The Montréal office prides itself on being among those law firms interviewing the largest number of candidates in Montréal. The pre-selection is divided among all law schools proportionate to the number of applications received.

First interviews, lasting approximately 15 minutes each, are usually held between 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., from Monday to Thursday, with two interview teams made up of two lawyers.

Out of the group of first interviewees, approximately 40 are referred to a second, longer interview before three senior lawyers. Second interviews are done in the second week of the recruiting period.

From the second interviewees, approximately 15 candidates are invited to an event, where they can meet other lawyers of the firm. This event is held several days before the date when formal offers can be made, according to the agreement.

From this short list, we establish a final list of candidates, and offers are made on the day set aside for such purpose in the Agreement.