Mehdi Mougharbel

2024 Summer Student | Montréal


Portrait of Mehdi Mougharbel


Mehdi holds a Bachelor’s degree in private law, a master’s degree in business law from l’Université Lyon II, and a master’s degree in business law from l’Université de Montréal. He aspires to become a lawyer. With this goal in mind, he plans to prepare for the Paris Bar exam upon his return to France.

During his studies, Mehdi completed various internships, including a high-profile mergers and acquisitions internship at a leading firm in Morocco. This experience afforded him a practical understanding of business law. In collaboration with industry professionals, he contributed to multiple international projects.

Mehdi has always been driven by a desire to discover new horizons and enjoy rewarding experiences. He is passionate about travel and culture and has visited a host of countries, including France, Colombia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In addition, Mehdi is an avid athlete and practises a wide range of sports.

Community involvement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mehdi volunteered with the French Red Cross, supporting crisis response efforts. With this experience, he supported community assistance efforts in difficult times and developed his crisis management skills, while strengthening his engagement to humanitarian work.

Languages spoken

  • French
  • English


    Université de Montréal: Master’s in Business Law in a Global Context (LLM) , 2024

    Université Lyon II: Master’s in Business Law, 2024

    Université Lyon II: Licentiate in Private Law, 2022