Legacy Planning for Life’s Uncertainties

Wendi P. Crowe, Jacklynn Pivovar | Edmonton

Miller Thomson is pleased to collaborate with TD Wealth in our webinar coverage addressing estate and financial planning especially for women.

We know women have unique concerns and perspectives when it comes to estate planning. We are living longer and breaking glass ceilings, often while simultaneously taking care of the needs of our spouses, children and parents.

Our specialist panel will explore the importance of developing a clear strategy that meets your personal and business needs, allowing you to care for your family, protect your earnings, support the causes you live for, and carry out your wishes even if you are disabled or gone.

Join us as we review the fundamental components of planning for life’s uncertainties:

  • Goal-based investing and planning
  • Identifying roadblocks and how to remove them
  • Tax planning strategies
  • New legislation: common law spouse property rights
  • Balancing the interests of your spouse and children

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Event dates

September 23, 2020


Deadline: September 21, 2020