Geoff Mason speaks on use of tracking software to monitor employee productivity on The Jas Johal Show

January 13, 2023 | Geoff Mason | Vancouver

980CKNW The Jas Johal Show

A recent decision by the B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal ordered an employee to reimburse her employer for time theft. Geoff Mason appears on The Jas Johal Show to discuss this case and the use of technology by employers to monitor employee performance:

While it’s becoming more common, I think it’s important to point out there’s many different types of bossware out there. On the one hand, some forms of it is very innocuous. You have bossware that just monitors email usage, internet usage, time tracking software. On the other end of the spectrum, you have some fairly invasive types of monitoring that monitors keystrokes, GPS, some that even monitor the actual employee’s computer screen – so there’s different shapes and sizes of it – but we’re seeing employers use it much more frequently.

Listen to the episode: Using bossware to track productivity of employees working from home