Geoff Mason discusses rules and regulations around working in extreme heat conditions

July 18, 2023 | Geoff Mason

980CKNW The Jas Johal Show

Geoff Mason appears on The Jas Johal Show sharing insights on the issue of employees working during heat events:

I think one of the challenges with heat is that it’s not always clear … when that heat goes from being an issue of employee comfort and goes to actually being a workplace safety risk. That’s why, at least in British Columbia, WorkSafeBC and the occupational health and safety regulations require employers to actually take more of a proactive stance on addressing those risks so it’s not all left to employees to have to make that assessment themselves and be put in the rather uncomfortable position of sometimes having to refuse unsafe work.

Listen to the full episode: Forcing people to work in the deadly heat is mostly legal in the U.S