MT Cybersecurity Awareness 2022

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

In this age of remote and hybrid workplaces and the ever increasing volume of data being collected and shared across organizations, the risks associated with cybersecurity incidents and data breaches have grown exponentially. Individual and corporate customers alike are acutely aware of the importance of keeping data secure. Regulators expect organizations to protect the security of their IT systems. In parallel, cyber criminals have adjusted their ways of targeting and extorting victims, and expanding the ways in which their “services” are being proliferated (“RaaS” – ransomware-as-a-service). Incident preparedness and the ability to effectively respond to incidents are not “nice-to-have’s” but an expected element of well-functioning risk management program.

Stay informed

Miller Thomson’s Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Group has the hands-on experience to guide you through the complex legal, technical and compliance issues while incorporating industry-specific best practices. We regularly publish updates on our Cybersecurity blog to keep you informed on the latest developments.

Read our featured articles for Cybersecurity Awareness Month and find out how you can put your business in the best position to mitigate the risks:

1. Tactical and strategic steps for successful cyber incident preparedness

A look back at past cyberattacks, data extortion and security breach incidents; learn some proactive steps you can take to minimize the risk of these incidents occurring at your organization.

2. Cybersecurity for Canada’s financial institutions

Recent world events, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, clearly demonstrate how interconnected financial networks are on a global scale. This update examines how governmental and regulatory authorities are responding to the threats of cybersecurity incidents and cyberattacks for financial institutions.

3. Managing cybersecurity in M&A transactions: How to mitigate risk through due diligence

How do you identify the cybersecurity and data privacy risks during M&A transactions? Here are 7 key questions to ask when doing your due diligence.

4. A to-do list for incident response

Put together your plan for responding to a cybersecurity incident with this list of do’s and don’ts.

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Co-Leader, Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity