Summer Student Program


We offer summer employment to students hired as articling students. Only our articling students are offered the possibility of working as students during the summer preceding the beginning of their articling period.  It is not, however, a condition to being hired that an articling student accepts a summer work assignment before beginning his or her articling period.

Student Experience

For articling students who accept our offer to work during the summer before an articling period begins, we offer experience in a variety of areas, generally in project format, such as preparing facta or research memoranda, updating databases, knowledge management and translation of precedents. The idea is to develop experience without taking work away from articling students, who are also present during summer months.

Students can use the summer period to experience our work environment. They are fully integrated into office life and enjoy first-hand a real-life work experience.


There is no formal rotation over the summer.


The lawyer in charge of articling (Maître de stage) oversees the summer students, and interacts with them and lawyers with whom they may work to ensure the students understand what being a lawyer at Miller Thomson is all about, and what is expected of them as summer students and, later, as articling students.


An informal evaluation is done at the end of the summer. During the summer, students participate in training sessions and conferences on various areas of law, procedure and office policies.