Michael Gibson and Roberto Noce, KC, author reference on condominium law in Alberta

November 18, 2022 | Michael Gibson, Roberto Noce, KC | Calgary, Edmonton

Condominium Law in Alberta

Thomson Reuters has released Condominium Law in Alberta, authored by Miller Thomson Condominium & Strata lawyers Michael Gibson and Roberto Noce, KC.

This comprehensive reference is the only book of its kind focused on condominium laws specific to Alberta, including up-to-date commentary on recent cases and applicable provincial legislation. With over 8,000 condominium projects in Alberta, the publication is an invaluable resource to assist condominium boards and property managers in navigating the legal principles and ensure compliance, as well as a practical research guide for legal professionals in advising clients on the unique issues in condominium law.

Condominium Law in Alberta is available for purchase on Thomson Reuters’ website in the following formats: