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March 3, 2020

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CRA further circumscribes trust 21-year planning strategies involving non-resident beneficiaries

Stephen Sweeney

Subsection 107(2) of the Income Tax Act[1] generally provides for a tax-deferred rollout of capital property held by the trustees of a Canadian-resident personal trust to their capital beneficiaries in satisfaction of their capital interests in the trust. This rollover...


Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal confirms award of entire quarter-million dollar estate for teenage children under the Saskatchewan Dependants’ Relief Act

Jonathan Martin

In Lutz Estate v Lutz, 2020 SKCA 14, the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan confirmed that under certain circumstances, “reasonable provision” under the Saskatchewan Dependants’ Relief Act (“DRA”) may require the entire estate being used towards the support of dependant...


Executor releases: the parameters on what is possible

Gwenyth Stadig

Introductory comments about executor releases Is it appropriate for an executor to ask beneficiaries to sign a release and indemnity prior to receiving a distribution from an estate? Although non-indemnified executors may face potential personal liability for their work as...


Displaying 1-3 of 3