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October 19, 2017

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Changes Proposed to Expand Scope for Social Investments in Ontario

Andrew Valentine

The Ontario Government recently released draft legislation aimed at various matters under the label of reducing red tape.  Contained in that legislation is a substantive change that is very significant for charities in Ontario.  This change has the potential of...


How Finance’s Private Corporation Tax Proposals Will Affect Gifts to Charity

Susan M. Manwaring, Nicole K. D’Aoust

This summer the Department of Finance (“Finance”) released a consultation paper on tax planning using private corporations.  A private corporation is a company that does not trade its stock on a public stock market.  In other words, the shares of...


CRA Provides Updates and Guidance for Internal Divisions

Natasha Smith

An internal division is a branch, section, parish, congregation or other division of a Canadian registered charity (the head body) that is permitted to receive and receipt donations on its own behalf.  Although it has its own charitable registration number,...


Displaying 1-3 of 3