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November 9, 2021

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Ontario Court of Appeal issues welcome decision for employers on termination entitlements

Carol S. VandenHoek, Catherine Phelps

In Battiston v Microsoft Canada Inc.,[1] the Ontario Court of Appeal enforced a stock option agreement that limited an employee’s entitlement to non-vested stock options upon termination. This decision offers some welcome news for employers navigating the thorny world of...


Is refusing to get vaccinated just cause for termination in the non-unionized workplace?

Danny Alcorn

As workplaces around the country implement employee vaccination policies in response to the pandemic, the obvious question arises of what can be done to enforce them. A well-crafted policy will include provisions on what discipline may apply to employees who...


Ontario Government intends to raise minimum wage to $15 per hour

Lisa Goodfellow, Arjun Gandhi

The Government of Ontario announced plans to raise minimum wage in response to increased costs of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. They propose to increase the general minimum wage from $14.35 to $15.00 per hour, effective January 1, 2022. If...


Displaying 1-3 of 3