Miller Thomson lawyers recognized in The Best Lawyers in Canada 2017

August 10, 2016 | Wendy A. Baker, Charles W. Bois, Nicole Byres, Brent Clark, Dwight D. Dee, Valerie Dixon, Sandra L. Enticknap, Alan A. Hobkirk, David Martin, Peter J. McArthur, Gordon G. Plottel, Lynn Ramsay, Eva Schmieg, Gregory C. Smith, Donald J. Sorochan, Kevin J. Sorochan, Michael Walker, Karen L. Weslowski, Gail P. Black, William J. Fowlis, James T. Swanson, John A. Cross, Brian J. Curial, Wendi P. Crowe, Kent H. Davidson, Robert L. Duke, Bruce N. Geiger, Scott J. Hammel, Darin J. Hannaford, Sandra L. Hawes, William J. Kenny, Bryan J. Kickham, David R. McCalla, Rick T.G. Reeson, Daniel C.P. Stachnik, Constance I. Taylor, Brian W.L. Tod, Kevin D. Trumpour, Terrence M. Warner, Joseph W. Yurkovich, Chad Eggerman, Heather MacMillan-Brown, Aaron Atcheson, Kristina Shaw, Tony Van Klink, Helen D.K. Friedman, Steven Lubczuk, Steven J. O’Melia, Gordon L. Robson, Andrew Roth, Ian Wismer, John R. Tidball, Nancy M. Avison, Jennifer Babe, Catherine Bate, Henry Bertossi, Douglas F. Best, Chris T.J. Blom, Rachel L. Blumenfeld, Fiona Brown, Danielle Bush, Bryan J. Buttigieg, Harold W. D. Cares, Jeffrey Carhart, Donald Carr, Kelly A. Charlebois, David W. Chodikoff, Pascale Cloutier, Emily Cole, Gerald D. Courage, Sheila Crummey, Eric Dufour, Jonathan F. Dyck, Hugh R. Dyer, Tamara Farber, Robert E. Forbes, Larry M. Foy, M. Stephen Georgas, Sandra A. Gogal, Kelly Harris, Robert B. Hayhoe, Jay M. Hoffman, Perry Katz, Michael W. Kerr, James M. Klotz, Savvas Kotsopoulos, Richard D. Leblanc, Joshua Liswood, Audrey M. Loeb, Michelle D. MacGillivray, Susan M. Manwaring, D. Bruce McCartney, M. Christine O’Donohue, Nora F. Osbaldeston, Dan Rabinowitz, David Reive, Charles R. Robertson, Rosanne T. Rocchi, Martin J. Rochwerg, Jane A. Roffey, James Rumball, Dirk L. Van de Kamer, Thomas R. Whitby, Michael J. Wren, André Asselin, Joanne Biron, Steven Chaimberg, Dean J. Chenoy, Normand D’Amour, Guy Gilain, Luc Gratton, Michel La Roche, Jasmin Lefebvre, Nathalie Marchand, Troy McEachren, Keyvan Nassiry, Pierre Paquet, Philipp Park, Louis-Michel Tremblay, Louise Tremblay

126 Miller Thomson lawyers from across the country and in numerous areas of law have been recognized for their expertise in the 2017 edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada. This result is up from 122 lawyers ranked last year.

In addition, 6 lawyers were awarded Lawyer of the Year:

  • William J. Kenny, Q.C. – Construction Law, Edmonton
  • Kristina Shaw – Corporate Law, London
  • James T. Swanson – Technology Law, Calgary
  • Brian W.L. Tod, Q.C. – Corporate Law, Edmonton
  • Louis-Michel Tremblay – Construction Law, Montreal
  • Rick M. Van Beselaere Q.C. – Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law, Regina

Best Lawyers® is widely-regarded as one of the leading legal directories in the country. The annual listing is determined by an extensive peer-review process, with lawyers rating the professional abilities of colleagues within their practice area.

The complete list of Miller Thomson lawyers included in the eleventh edition of The Best Lawyers of Canada is below:


  • Wendy A. Baker, Q.C. – Aboriginal Law; Administrative and Public Law; Construction Law
  • Charles W. Bois – Energy Law
  • Kenneth N. Burnett – Aviation Law
  • Nicole Byres, Q.C. – Corporate Governance Practice
  • Brent Clark – Banking and Finance Law
  • Dwight D. Dee – Securities Law
  • Valerie Dixon – Labour and Employment Law
  • Sandra L. Enticknap, Q.C. – Corporate Law; Trusts and Estates
  • Alan A. Hobkirk – Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • David Martin – Administrative and Public Law
  • Peter J. McArthur – Mergers & Acquisitions Law; Securities Law
  • Gordon G. Plottel – Franchise Law
  • Lynn Ramsay, Q.C. – Real Estate Law
  • Eva Schmieg – Entertainment Law
  • Gregory C. Smith – Securities Law
  • Donald J. Sorochan, Q.C. – Administrative and Public Law; Construction Law; Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Securities Law
  • Kevin J. Sorochan – Mergers & Acquisitions Law
  • Jennifer Spencer – Aboriginal Law; Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Michael Walker – Commercial Leasing Law
  • Karen L. Weslowski – Insurance Law


  • Gail P. Black, Q.C. – Trusts and Estates
  • William J. Fowlis, Q.C., FCA – International Trade and Finance Law; Tax Law; Trusts and Estates
  • James T. Swanson – Technology Law


  • John A. Cross, Q.C. – Banking and Finance Law; Commercial Leasing Law; Corporate Law, Real Estate Law
  • Brian J. Curial – Corporate Law
  • Wendi P. Crowe – Corporate Law; Trusts and Estates
  • Kent H. Davidson, Q.C. – Corporate Law; Labour and Employment Law
  • Robert L. Duke, Q.C. – Personal Injury Litigation
  • Bruce N. Geiger – Corporate Law
  • Scott J. Hammel, Q.C. – Construction Law
  • Darin J. Hannaford – Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Sandra L. Hawes – Insurance Law
  • William J. Kenny, Q.C. – Bet-the-Company Litigation; Construction Law; Corporate and Commercial Litigation; Director and Officer Liability Practice; Insurance Law; International Arbitration; Product Liability Law; Securities Law
  • Bryan J. Kickham, Q.C. – Corporate and Commercial Litigation; International Arbitration
  • David R. McCalla, Q.C. – Corporate Law
  • Rick T.G. Reeson, Q.C. – Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law
  • Daniel C.P. Stachnik, Q.C. – Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Constance I. Taylor, Q.C. – Personal Injury Litigation
  • Brian W.L. Tod, Q.C. – Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law
  • Kevin D. Trumpour – Corporate Law
  • Terrence M. Warner – Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law
  • Joseph W. Yurkovich, Q.C. – Corporate Governance Practice; Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law; Tax Law; Trusts and Estates


  • Chad Eggerman – Energy Law
  • Heather MacMillan-Brown Q.C. – Administrative and Public Law; Health Care Law; Medical Negligence


  • Glen Lekach – Corporate Law; Franchise Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law; Securities Law
  • George Nystrom – Tax Law; Trusts and Estates
  • Rick M. Van Beselaere Q.C. – Corporate Law; Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law; Project Finance Law
  • Reginald Watson Q.C. – Health Care Law; Medical Negligence; Personal Injury Litigation


  • Aaron Atcheson – Environmental Law
  • Kristina Shaw – Corporate Law
  • Tony Van Klink – Corporate Law; Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law


  • Helen D. K. Friedman – Insurance Law; Personal Injury Litigation
  • Steven Lubczuk – Family Law
  • Steven J. O’Melia – Municipal Law
  • Gordon L. Robson – Insurance Law
  • Andrew S. Roth – Real Estate Law
  • Ian Wismer – Corporate Law


  • John R. Tidball – Environmental Law


  • Nancy M. Avison – Real Estate Law
  • Jennifer Babe – Corporate Law; Equipment Finance Law
  • Catherine Bate – Advertising and Marketing Law
  • Henry Bertossi – Corporate Law; Mergers & Acquisitions Law
  • Douglas F. Best – Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Christopher T. J. Blom – Insurance Law
  • Rachel L. Blumenfeld – Trusts and Estates
  • Fiona Brown – Personal Injury Litigation
  • Danielle M. Bush – Intellectual Property Law
  • Bryan J. Buttigieg – Environmental Law
  • Harold W.D. Cares – Insurance Law; Personal Injury Litigation
  • Jeffrey C. Carhart – Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law
  • Donald Carr, Q.C. – Trusts and Estates
  • Kelly A. Charlebois – Trusts and Estates
  • David Chodikoff – Tax Law
  • Pascale Cloutier – Competition/Antitrust Law; Franchise Law
  • Emily Cole – Securities Law
  • Gerald D. Courage – Corporate Law
  • Sheila M. Crummey – Trusts and Estates
  • Eric Dufour – Competition/Antitrust Law
  • Jonathan F. Dyck – Banking and Finance Law; Entertainment Law
  • Hugh R. Dyer – Labour and Employment Law
  • Tamara Farber – Environmental Law
  • Robert E. Forbes – Securities Law
  • Larry M. Foy – Insurance Law
  • M. Stephen Georgas – Intellectual Property Law
  • Sandra A. Gogal – Aboriginal Law; Environmental Law
  • Kelly Harris – Advertising and Marketing Law
  • Robert B. Hayhoe – Tax Law; Trusts and Estates
  • Jay M. Hoffman – Securities Law
  • Perry Katz – Commercial Leasing Law; Real Estate Law
  • Michael W. Kerr – Trusts and Estates
  • James M. Klotz – International Trade and Finance Law
  • Savvas Kotsopoulos – Real Estate Law
  • Richard D. Leblanc – Franchise Law
  • Joshua Liswood – Health Care Law
  • Audrey M. Loeb – Real Estate Law
  • Michelle D. MacGillivray – Labour and Employment Law
  • Susan M. Manwaring – Trusts and Estates
  • D. Bruce McCartney – Insurance Law; Personal Injury Litigation
  • M. Christine O’Donohue – Labour and Employment Law
  • Nora F. Osbaldeston – Banking and Finance Law
  • Dan Rabinowitz – Insurance Law
  • David Reive – Biotechnology Law; Intellectual Property Law
  • Charles R. Robertson – Labour and Employment Law
  • Rosanne T. Rocchi – Trusts and Estates
  • Martin J. Rochwerg – Trusts and Estates
  • Jane A. Roffey – Labour and Employment Law
  • James G. Rumball – Structured Finance Law
  • Dirk L. Van de Kamer – Labour and Employment Law
  • Thomas R. Whitby – Construction Law; Insurance Law
  • Michael J. Wren – Real Estate Law


  • André Asselin – Insurance Law; Personal Injury Litigation; Product Liability Law
  • Joanne Biron – Family Law
  • Steven L. Chaimberg – Commercial Leasing Law
  • Dean J. Chenoy – Entertainment Law
  • Normand D’Amour – Construction Law
  • Guy Gilain – Construction Law
  • Luc Gratton – Environmental Law
  • Michel La Roche – Insolvency and Financial Restructuring Law
  • Jasmin Lefebvre – Construction Law
  • Nathalie Marchand – Tax Law
  • Troy McEachren – Trusts and Estates
  • Keyvan Nassiry – Asset-Based Lending Practice; Banking and Finance Law
  • Pierre Paquet – Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Philipp Park – Mergers & Acquisitions Law
  • Louis-Michel Tremblay – Construction Law; Project Finance Law; Trusts and Estates
  • Louise Tremblay – Tax Law; Trusts and Estates