Bridging Finance Misrepresentation Claimants

This website has been established in connection with the receivership proceedings (the “Receivership Proceedings”) of Bridging Finance Inc., certain of its affiliates and the funds managed by BFI.

Pursuant to the Representative Counsel Appointment Order issued on May 26, 2022 (the “Representative Counsel Appointment Order”), Miller Thomson LLP was appointed as representative counsel (“Misrepresentation Representative Counsel”) for unitholders in the Bridging Funds with misrepresentation claims (“Misrepresentation Claimants”) in connection with the unitholder priority motion.

All information, communications, and orders relevant to Misrepresentation Claimants will be posted on this website. Please note that Miller Thomson LLP was appointed as representative counsel for Misrepresentation Claimants only, and solely with respect to the unitholder priority motion. For all other inquiries, please visit the Receiver’s website at

If you are a Misrepresentation Claimant and have any questions or concerns with respect to the Receivership Proceedings and the unitholder priority motion, we encourage you to contact us at the coordinates below: