Corporate Fraud Asset Recovery


When concerns of impropriety or fraud arise in a corporate setting, swift legal action is often required to ensure assets are identified and frozen to maximize the likelihood of ultimate recovery.  It is only by moving quickly that companies can minimize the very real risk of having their assets dissipate by the time any court judgment is rendered. Miller Thomson’s Corporate Fraud and Asset Recovery Team is focussed on providing quick, efficient and practical advice and action to maximize the capture of funds taken by fraud and/or other legal breaches.  We step in when suspicions or events require internal investigations and/or urgent court-ordered injunctive relief to prevent further corporate fraud and enhance asset recovery efforts.  We can also protect your interests in government enforcement proceedings, criminal investigations, hearings, trials and appeals in the event that criminal or regulatory authorities get involved.

The statistics show that financial fraud is on the rise, and more prevalent than ever before.  No one is immune to finding themselves a victim of fraud and our lawyers have been called upon to represent clients who range from large multi-national corporations to individuals.

Whether it is outright theft by an employee or allegations of fraudulent activity involving a supplier or joint venture partner, our Group specializes in handling discrete internal investigations, and responding to urgent situations.

As needed, we can use court-ordered injunctions to obtain evidence to identify wrong-doing, perpetrators and assets (Norwich Orders) and to freeze such assets both domestically and internationally (Mareva injunctions) to maximize financial recovery.  Our team uses these, as well as Anton Piller orders (civil search warrants), to urgently obtain confidential banking and financial information, collect evidence and search premises and freeze assets – without prior warning.

Our Corporate Fraud and Asset Recovery Team is very experienced and has a broad network in multi-jurisdictional investigations, as well as evidence-gathering applications for other jurisdictions.  Some of our team members are leaders in these areas in the International Bar, and are familiar with the advantages (and hurdles) of different international jurisdictions for asset recovery purposes.

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