Anti-Corruption & International Governance


With tremendous depth of experience, Miller Thomson’s Anti-Corruption and International Governance Group can assist with all aspects of this field. Our experience was gained through intimate involvement with the development of Canadian anti-corruption laws, holding leadership roles in Canada’s primary anti-corruption organization, and extensive hands-on experience in crisis management including searches and seizures, internal investigations, and prosecutions. It is this depth of experience that sets Miller Thomson apart from other law firms.

Our  Group can assist your organization with a variety of situations, including:

  • You wake up to a call from your receptionist telling you that the RCMP is at your offices to conduct a dawn raid: Our Group has a rapid response team ready to monitor the search to ensure it is limited to the scope of the warrant and to make claims of privilege on your behalf.
  • You pick up the morning paper and see a front page news story naming your organization and revealing a potential corruption problem: Our Group is comprised of several of the most knowledgeable anti-corruption legal advisors and experienced crisis management lawyers in the country. We also have experience working with public relations agencies whose skills can be quickly mobilized.
  • You discover a potential improper payment made by one of your employees to a foreign official: Our Group includes senior legal advisors who are experienced in conducting internal investigations.
  • You have a nagging concern that your anti-corruption compliance procedures are inadequate: Our Group conducts thorough risk assessments tailored to the needs of your enterprise and crafts robust, yet workable compliance programs.
  • You worry that your international organization’s antiquated governance processes may put the organization at risk: Our Group provides expert good governance counsel to some of the largest organizations in Canada and the world.

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