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1 decembre 2011
Death, Taxes and the Obligation to Pay Rent Without Deduction, Abatement or Set-Off

There is a proverb, largely ascribed to Benjamin Franklin, suggesting that nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes. In the commercial leasing world, the same is often said about the obligation to pay rent “without...

1 septembre 2011
Caught by the “Net Lease” Clause?

It is difficult to find a landlord’s form of commercial or industrial lease that does not contain a "net lease" clause of some description.  These clauses are usually worded to provide that the rent is "absolutely net...

1 juin 2011
Getting and Staying Connected

Although the use of wireless technology is increasing, access to and use of conduit, riser and raceway space, particularly in high rise office buildings, will continue to be an issue.  In older office buildings, there may not be...

2 mars 2011
For Whom Are We In Law Responsible?

The phrase “and those for whom the landlord/tenant are in law responsible” is often used in commercial leases.  One would think that this responsibility includes employees, guests, invitees and agents.  Does it include a third...

4 avril 2011
Rentable and Useable Areas

Confusion often arises with terminology used to describe areas.  Rent is usually calculated based on area.  An offer to lease may refer to “Useable Area” or “Leasable Area” and rent will likely be calculated based upon...

March 1, 2011
More from the Rooftop

An earlier edition of Leasing Times highlighted the opportunity for some landlords to lease unused roof space for solar power generation, especially in Ontario under the Green Energy Act. As this market has matured over the past two...

4 janvier 2011
How to Stay Ahead in Second Place

Under common law, if a tenant has notice of a lender’s prior security, the lender will not be bound by the tenant’s lease and, when enforcing its security, may terminate the lease and evict. How are tenants to protect themselves?...

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