Myron Mallia-Dare and Luciano Aguilera publish article in ABA Business Law Today

16 avril 2024 | Myron A. Mallia-Dare, Luciano Aguilera | Toronto

( Disponible en anglais seulement )

Myron Mallia-Dare and Luciano Aguilera’s article on « Navigating sponsor-led liquidity solutions in today’s private equity market » is featured in the American Bar Association’s Business Law:

Recent market trends in the Canadian private equity (PE) landscape indicate a growing appetite for sponsor-led liquidity solutions amid challenging market conditions. There has been a notable increase in secondary transactions and alternative exit strategies as sponsors seek to unlock value and provide liquidity to investors. While traditional exit routes such as initial public offerings (IPOs) have become less viable due to market volatility and regulatory uncertainties, sponsor-led solutions offer greater flexibility and efficiency in achieving liquidity objectives.

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