Kenneth Eccleston quoted in Lexpert article on adjudication and virtual dispute resolution

3 septembre 2020 | Kenneth Eccleston

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Lexpert Special Edition: Infrastructure 2020

The article « Adjudication, virtual dispute resolution in overdrive » discusses prompt payment legislation and a new openness to virtual hearings, with Kenneth Eccleston commenting on virtual dispute resolution and other trends:

In a courtroom environment, one “can never predict the length of time it will take to examine a witness and have them cross-examined,” Eccleston says. In virtual hearings, witnesses can testify from their home or office, and arbitration legal centres such as Arbitration Place can place them in “a virtual room” in which lawyers can call them.

Eccleston says he found that the evidence flowed better. In a courtroom environment, there are a lot of stops and starts, he says, but, in his virtual hearing, the parties had agreed on the documents to be reviewed, went to the links and “all the tabs were in order.” For multiple parties in different locations, the process was “very efficient.”

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