Fadi Amine and David Krebs discuss the top legal issues around the use of Generative AI

16 août 2023 | Fadi Amine, David Krebs | Montréal

The increasing adoption and popularity of ChatGPT and other AI tools in white collar work, and our personal lives, raises a number of legal issues businesses should be aware of. Lexpert TV interviews Fadi Amine and David Krebs about what lawyers need to know.

… »A big part of a lawyer’s job is confidentiality of information, the client-solicitor privilege. You need to be very careful of what you put in AI, how it is going to be used and whether it would be available for someone else », says Fadi Amine, Partner in Miller Thomson’s Montreal office.


… »I see data privacy and cybersecurity as top risks. AI has gained so much traction… It relies on mass amounts of data and questions around how it is getting that data is one concern, says David Krebs, Partner in Miller Thomson’s Saskatoon office.

Listen to the full interview: Transformative power of AI and how lawyers can prepare for it