Competition Act amendments: A move to retrofit, modernize

22 août 2022 | Eric Dufour, Reema Mahbubani | Toronto

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The Lawyers Daily

Eric Dufour and Reema Mahbubani discuss the most recent amendments of the Canadian Competition Act in their article published in The Lawyers Daily.

Effective June 23, 2022, sweeping and substantial changes to the Canadian Competition Act (the Act) came into play (the 2022 Amendments). From criminalizing wage-fixing and no-poach agreements to expanding the Commissioner of Competition’s (Commissioner) formal evidence gathering powers, the 2022 Amendments, along with those that are expected to come into force next year on June 23, 2023, (the 2023 Amendments and together with the 2022 Amendments, the Amendments), reflect a significant move to retrofit and modernize the competition law regime in Canada.

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