Mary Childs quoted in Business in Vancouver article on access to justice

7 novembre 2019 | Mary Childs | Vancouver

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Business in Vancouver, "Small businesses caught in legal missing middle"

Social Impact lawyer Mary Childs comments in an article on access to justice for small businesses. She also recently took part in a panel on « Bridging the Access to Justice Gap: How Business Lawyers Can Contribute », hosted by the University of British Columbia’s Peter A. Allard School of Law during Access to Justice Week.

What has been labelled an access-to-justice crisis in Canada expands beyond the need for more legal-aid funding and affects more Canadians than those who fall below the poverty line.

“They’re stuck in the middle,” explained Mary Childs, associate counsel in Miller Thomson LLP’s Vancouver office, in reference to Canadians who aren’t impoverished but who have limited funds to spend on legal advice. “It’s true for litigation and also for business services.”

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