Real Estate Syndication and Lending Legal Workshop

5 novembre 2015 | Jeffrey H. Selby, Rhea Solis, Darren M. Smits, Greg P. Shannon, Ruben Sekhon, Joshua I. Selby, Michael J. Morcom, Gregory S. Walter | Calgary

( Disponible en anglais seulement )

Miller Thomson  LLP presents a complimentary luncheon workshop and roundtable discussion.  Each table is hosted by a Miller Thomson lawyer to lead the discussions.  Prior to the workshop, you receive questions to review to help facilitate the networking portion of the event.  You have the opportunity to submit questions during the roundtable and we endeavor to incorporate your questions into the panel discussions.

 Areas of Discussion

  1. Structure of Investment in Real Estate Development; finding the right structure for your project.
    • Corporate
    • Limited Partnerships
    • Joint Ventures
  2. Financing Considerations
    • Equity/Debt/Hybrids
  3. Securities Issues
    • Equity vs Debt
    • What is a Security? How this impacts raising money.
    • Exemptions from Prospectus / Registration Requirements
    • Potential new developments and the impact on raising money for your project.

Dates de l’événement

5 novembre 2015


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Échéance : 23 octobre 2015