Miller Thomson’s legacy planning expertise profiled in BC Business Magazine.

8 août 2012 | Sandra L. Enticknap | Vancouver

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Sandra Enticknap, Partner in the Private Client Services group, comments on the firm’s expertise in estate and charitable gift planning.

« While we’re a large national firm, we’ve made estate planning and charitable giving an important part of our practice, » says lawyer Sandra Enticknap, a partner at the firm’s Vancouver office. « Our lawyers write extensively about creating legacies and speak regularly at local and national conferences providing practical, creative and cost-effective advice. »

Miller Thomson has become an expert at handling out-of-province estate planning; today’s clients often own assets, or have beneficiaries or charitable interests outside of B.C. « We have one of the country’s largest groups of lawyers with experience in Canadian and cross-border legacy planning,” says Enticknap. « This, combined with our strong local roots – most of our branches have been key parts of their communities since the 1950s – makes us unique. »

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