Miller Thomson contribue à la publication Taxes & Wealth Management

7 octobre 2016 | Toronto

( Disponible en anglais seulement )

The October edition of Taxes & Wealth Management has just been released. Published quarterly by Carswell, Thomson Reuters, Taxes & Wealth Management is circulated to over 10,000 email accounts worldwide and is part of the Tax Net Pro service which serves the legal, accounting and financial communities.

In this issue, a number of Miller Thomson lawyers and students have contributed articles including: David Chodikoff, Rosanne Rocchi, Lisa Filgiano, Alison Minard, Peter A. Milligan, Jamie G. Walker, Rahul Sharma, Graham E. Purse, Lesley Akst, Ana Simões, Rahul Sharma, Deven Rath, John Forman and Marco Maduri.