James Klotz has been elected Chair of the Bar Issues Commission of the International Bar Association.

27 janvier 2011 | James M. Klotz

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During his two-year appointment, Mr. Klotz will work with fellow Officers to execute the mandate of the Bar Issues Commission, defined as:

1. Developing and organising activities and events which increase the opportunity for Member Organisation representatives to meet with and learn from one another in formal and informal settings;
2. Developing the BIC and the IBA’s understanding of issues facing the profession and its regulators and addressing these issues through its Policy Committee and through sessions organised by the BIC;
3. Developing the Bar Cooperation Programme which provides support to Member Organisations indicating a strong need for advice, training and/or additional resources;
4. Developing and strengthening ties with current Member Organisations as well as with law societies and bar associations not yet affiliated with the Association;
5. Developing BIC membership.

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