Sandra Gogal speaks at the Small Hydro Canada 2014 Western Summit

Sandra A. Gogal | Toronto

( Disponible en anglais seulement )

Sandra Gogal is speaking at the Small Hydro Canada 2014 Western Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 17. Discussing the topic of « Consulting with Aboriginal Communities and Achieving Mutually Beneficial Arrangements, » her presentation will cover the below areas.

  • Welcoming perspectives from different stakeholders within one project: how it is can add value to the overall project design and build community support for development
  • Incorporating aspirations and needs of local communities in project development and procurement
  • Utilizing Early consultation efforts to build trust and mitigate potential impact on local communities and their ability to exercise aboriginal and treaty rights
  • Reviewing Canada’s endorsement of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: what does it mean to support to support « free, informed, prior consent »
  • Incorporating free, informed prior consent in project development in a manner which meets the intent of the UN Declaration
  • Addressing past grievances as a first step in moving forward with development


Dates de l’événement

17 avril 2014