Gillian Tuck Kutarna and Robin-Lee A. Norris speak at the Guelph Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn on the topic of « Not-for-Profits – Is your Organization Ready? »

Robin-Lee A. Norris, Gillian Tuck Kutarna | Guelph

( Disponible en anglais seulement )

Whether you are involved in a not-for-profit as a staff person or as a board member, impending new provincial and federal statutes will impact your role. It is imperative that not-for-profit organizations review their Articles and By-laws to ensure they are compliant with new governance rules. Failure to do so will have some significant consequences, especially in the area of membership and voting rights. Robin-Lee Norris and Gillian Tuck Kutarna of Miller Thomson will highlight some of the changes, and provide a check list to take back to your Board.

Dates de l’événement

8 mai 2013

Lieu de l’événement