Gal Smolar and Derrek Fahl speak at Toronto Blockchain Impact Investment Summit

Gal Smolar, Derrek S. Fahl | Vancouver, Saskatoon

( Disponible en anglais seulement )

Miller Thomson co-hosts the 2018 Toronto Blockchain Impact Investment Summit, which brings together key industry players to engage, discuss future trends and share valuable insight on the state of blockchain technology and the token economy. The event is expected to attract over 500 investors, partners and industry leaders from around the world.

Gal Smolar is moderator for the « How to Reach a Million Hearts and Make an Impact » panel and gives the closing remarks. Derrek Fahl moderates the panel on « The Token Economy and Regulation ».

Dates de l’événement

27 septembre 2018 - 28 septembre 2018

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