Rob Hendry is an intellectual property lawyer, Canadian and U.S. patent agent, and Canadian trademark agent, with a focus on patent prosecution, large portfolio management, technology-related due diligence, strategic advising and technology commercialization. With a business-focused approach arising from his years as in-house counsel with a multinational group of energy companies, Rob looks for the value he can bring to clients wherever they are and whatever they need to accomplish.

Rob has provided cost-effective and strategically focused legal services to clients over the past two decades, across numerous sectors and industries.

Patent Prosecution: Rob works with companies, universities, and entrepreneurial innovators to establish strategic patent assets that generate competitive advantage and opportunities for growth and profit. Working within a business model approach, Rob helps clients to understand how and why patent assets can provide value for them where they are. Whether a large international portfolio or a single key patent, he works with clients to create a patenting strategy that gets them what they need.

Technology Clearance and Due Diligence: Too often businesses embrace a technology and push ahead with full energy – only to find a third-party patent blocking the path. Or they seek to acquire a technology asset, only to find after closing that the patent portfolio is mostly expired or too narrow to provide significant value. Rob becomes part of the commercial team that vets technology plays and makes sure our client has the information necessary to properly assess the opportunity.

Technology Commercialization: You have an invention – but how do you extract value from that? Rob has many years of experience working with clients to find the right way to commercialize their intellectual property assets. Licensing your trademarks out, developing a patent portfolio to position you for a profitable exit, negotiating joint research and development projects – whatever you need, Rob can work with you to assess the opportunity and find a solution that make sense for you.