Megan has a diverse commercial litigation practice with a focus on environmental, Aboriginal and administrative law matters. In her practice, Megan represents clients in complex litigation proceedings relating to environmental assessments, Aboriginal rights and title issues, regulatory matters, major resource projects and administrative decision-making. Megan’s advocacy includes representing clients before the Federal Court of Appeal and the British Columbia Supreme Court, as well as federal regulatory bodies.

Prior to her career as a lawyer, Megan pursued her passion for business strategy and development as Aboriginal Engagement Strategist for Park Derochie in Edmonton; Global Resettlement Policy Analyst and Global Indigenous Policy Writer for Royal Dutch Shell in Calgary; and Policy Intern for the City of Edmonton’s Planning and Development Department.

Megan is the recipient of numerous academic and community involvement awards, including the Hon. Justice Grant Burnyeat Award in Law, Indigenous Law Students Award, Law Foundation First Nations Award, Harold F. and Anne Bedner Uphill Scholarship in Law, and the Métis Foundation Métis Scholar Award.